A Community of Driven Individuals Brought Together Through Unique Experiences

The Collective

What is The Collective?

The Collective is an invitation-only community to connect young entrepreneurs and 21st-century business leaders. 

To challenge and collectively support each other’s ultimate business goals, engage in electrifying experiences and cooperatively build a better future for the less privileged by providing support where it's needed most.

Connection. Collaboration. Contribution.

The Experience

With fellow members specialising in different fields from all walks of life and business.  

A big part of collaboration within the community involves sharing insights, lessons learnt and breakthroughs on your business journey thus adding value and helping each other wherever possible.

From the Yucatan to Bali. The community gets together in some of the most unique places this planet has to offer. Soaking up diverse culture and enjoying new experiences.

A collection of successful entrepreneurs, artists, diverse thinkers and change makers coming together through a belief in creation and community. 

We are on a mission to facilitate unique experiences through which to grow your network, share wisdom and form new friendships that leave you feeling inspired to achieve more. 

Did we mention it's a good laugh? 

The rush of adrenaline and sense of achievement we get when successfully pushing our limits through extreme sports and adventure activities. You never forget those who you overcame some of life's biggest challenges with. 

It feels good to give back. Deepening the bonds of friendship in our community by collectively contributing to causes that are voted on by the collective.

Lead by current member Mark 'For The People' Bardi. Each event raises money towards causes where we can have the greatest measurable impact to preserve our environment for our families and future generations.

Diverse Locations Around the World


Curated Community


Mexico Get Together - April 2018

Bali Get Together (Coming soon) April 2019

What You Might Expect...

Did We Mention Buffalo?

Brain Based Wellness

Energising Experiences You May Never Knew Existed

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